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Post-Divorce Modifications

At Moser Law LLC, I can guide you through all aspects of your family law case, including any petitions and appeals that need to be made after the original judgment. I strive to form long-lasting relationships with each of my clients, and I want to earn your business again in the future (if you need further legal help). And I am fully prepared to represent you even if your case was originally handled by another lawyer.

On this page, you’ll find information on the various types of post-judgment modifications I can help you pursue.

Ohio Child Custody Modifications

The needs of your children will almost certainly change as they get older. You or your co-parent may also face unforeseen circumstances that could affect custody, including the need to relocate for work or a drastic change in work schedule.

If changes are minor, you may be able to simply work out an informal change with your co-parent. If the changes are larger, however, you will likely need to petition the court to modify the custody agreement. Whether you are petitioning to change it or seeking to prevent a change, I will be a strong courtroom advocate for you and your children.

Ohio Child Support Modifications

There are essentially two reasons why a court would agree to modify a child support award. The first is that there has been a material change in the circumstances of the parent or the needs of the child. This must be a material change that either was not reflected in the original calculation or is significant enough to warrant recalculation.

There are also times when the original child support calculation is unreasonable because of factors which were not duly considered. In both of the scenarios mentioned above, we can petition the court to change the amount of monthly child support.

Spousal Support Modifications

Awards for spousal support (sometimes called alimony) can be modified if there has been a post-judgment change in circumstances of either party (especially financial circumstances). However, there must also be a provision in the divorce decree specifying that the support award can be modified.

Marital Settlement Agreement Appeals

The marital settlement agreement is often the last word in a divorce. But under certain circumstances, you can appeal the agreement. Common arguments for appealing include:

  • You didn’t understand the terms you originally agreed to
  • There is evidence of fraud or misconduct
  • You received bad advice from your previous lawyer

Marital settlement agreements can be appealed, but successful modification is difficult. Unlike child support and custody, a change in circumstances is not grounds for post-divorce modification.

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