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Law Practice Dedicated to Family Law in Butler County

My Focus is Family Law

I have limited my law practice over the years to family law matters, almost exclusively in Butler County. This means divorce and dissolution matters. This also means parenting concerns for both married and unmarried parents, as well as divorced parents, including custody and visitation disagreements.

By limiting my areas of focus, I am able to offer my clients a greater depth of knowledge and experience. I limit the number of clients I represent at any given time. I believe that each client deserves my best work and full attention, even if it means referring some potential clients to other attorneys.

What Makes Me a Different Kind of Lawyer

I view myself as a different kind of lawyer. Here is why.

Knowing the Person Not Just the Law

I believe in representing the whole person.  You are more than just your legal issue. Sometimes clients present straightforward concerns and legal issues and just need some guidance and advice.  Other times, clients share with me matters of great sensitivity or conflict.  I strive to provide meaningful and practical advice to you, and be attentive to the difficulties you share with me.  After many years doing this work, I remind myself this is not routine for the person sitting across the desk from me.  I know the law from 30 years of work and by reading every week local court decisions and checking law updates.  I know the Butler County courts well by focusing my work here.  I get to know you well by taking the time needed to do so.


Transparency and Fairness

When we first meet, I will share with you the details of what to expect from me.  If your matter is routine, such as a simple dissolution or agreed changes to parenting arrangements with the other parent, when possible I will commit to a fixed fee.  If your matter is uncertain, I will review possible outcomes.  I will explain the fees to expect and put this all in writing to you.  During the time I represent you, if you ever have questions about my work or my fees, I welcome you to meet with me at no charge.  Lawyers can get expensive, so I want to be sure you are finding value in my work and the fees you are paying me.

Shortest Distance Possible

I view my role as guiding you through what may be difficult circumstances in the shortest “distance” possible.  I look for alternatives to getting the resolution you need in the least possible amount of time and fees.  Some matters call for a softer negotiating and compromising approach while others require more advocacy during negotiations.  Still others require use of my litigation skills.  Most clients hope to reach an agreement without months in court and substantial legal fees.  I will work toward an agreement acceptable by everyone whenever possible.  I will prepare you for court when we find that is the only alternative.

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I look forward to working with you.

Contact Me

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Reading to my two sons for what seems like a blink of time ago. My older son is a recent college graduate and my other son is in college. I remind parents at times. Remember courts and lawyers end their involvement when your child turns 18, but the relationship you establish continues well beyond age 18.

Photo of attorney Donald K. Moser with his son

Cheers to my son Max, celebrating his 2021 college graduation. Many thanks to my clients over the years for allowing me to work for you and provide for my family.

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Hanging with Henry Winkler, talking a bit about law, lawyers, and life. Not sure what this has to do with anything for my website, but Ayyyy, it’s The Fonz.

Photo of attorney Moser's client's race car with Moser Law Firm on the side of the car

A grateful client’s surprise, promoting me on his race car. Unfortunately, he crashed the car just days later.

Photo of attorney Donald K. Moser

When President of the Butler County Bar Association, my community outreach included presenting a gift to a local bank as a thank you for its sponsorship of Law Day.

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Welcome to my office.

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When you step into my office I hope you find my staff warm, welcoming, and comfortable.

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We will meet privately in my conference room.