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A Different Kind Of Lawyer

Honest, compassionate and effective.

What Makes Me Different?

I am attorney Donald K. Moser, owner of Moser Law LLC. For more than two decades, my family law practice has been serving clients in Butler County. I see myself as a different kind of lawyer. But what does that mean?

It means compassion as well as experience. I believe in representing the whole client. You are more than just your legal issue, and I strive to be sensitive to the difficulties you are facing during a divorce, custody dispute or other family law issue.

It means saving you time, money and stress. I see my role as guiding you through what may be difficult circumstances and getting you a good resolution efficiently and affordably. Most clients hope to settle out of court. The challenge is agreeing on the terms. I will work toward a good settlement from Day One. I will offer various options and ideas to settle, while preparing for trial to put you in the best position from which to negotiate a good settlement.

It means transparency and fairness. Resolving any legal issue can be expensive. But you shouldn’t be left in the dark about what you are paying for and why. When you work with me, I will explain all fees up front, in detail and in writing. If you ever have issues with or questions about my work or my fees, we can discuss your concerns at any time for free.

These are just some of the qualities that make me a different kind of lawyer.

A Strong Focus On Family Law And On Clients

My practice is limited to family law issues (like divorce and child custody) and to estate planning after divorce. By focusing in these areas only, I am able to offer a greater depth of knowledge and better representation than I would as a general-practice attorney.

I also choose to limit the number of clients I represent at any given time. I believe that each client deserves my best work and full attention, even if it means referring some potential clients to other attorneys. You can read more about client policies on the Who I Am page.

Discuss Your Case With A Respected Ohio Family Law Attorney

From my office in Fairfield, I represent clients throughout Butler County. To learn more, call me at 513-844-1960.