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What You Can Expect as a Client

It starts with knowing the law. It continues with knowing you my client well and understanding your concerns. I do my best for us to experience a good working relationship that truly makes a lawyer your counselor. While we are not friends, we have a close professional relationship. I hope we share elements of friendship: trust, confidence, and comfort.

I am not able to represent everyone who contacts me. I sometimes decline to represent potential clients. I want to ensure that the clients I do have receive the attention and dedication they deserve and expect.  I am not a high volume type of law practice. If for any reason I cannot assist you, I will still take some time to provide you the name of one or more other attorneys I trust who may be able to assist you.


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When you step into my office I hope you find
my staff warm, welcoming, and comfortable.


My Approach to the Work

I am detail-oriented, organized and forward thinking. When addressing your legal issues, I anticipate problems that could arise in the future you might not have considered. Throughout the process, I will be in regular communication with you.

Family law matters sometimes have a difficult emotional component to them. I am sensitive to the difficulties and conflicts you are facing. I do my best to be an objective source of comfort, advice and guidance.

Family law matters may sometimes be routine, but at times are anything but routine. Yes, I am running a business and earning a fee for my work. I take pride when I can help my clients through difficult and confusing legal matters, especially those most personal to all of us. Our relationship with our spouse or our children. Our future financial well-being and security. It means a lot when you as a client thank me for getting you through a difficult time.


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We will meet privately in my conference Room.