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Custody and Parenting Rights for Never Married Parents

There are certain advantages and disadvantages to having a child when not married to the other parent, legally speaking. Under Ohio law due to the biology, the mother has custody at birth. The father has as much right to custody, as well as visitations or shared parenting, but the father must legally assert his rights through a court proceeding. The court proceeding can be cooperative by reaching an agreement and submitting it to the court. An attorney can assist with building in parenting transition times when there was a gap in contacts by the father with the child. A good attorney will include a number of details in the best interest of the child and both parents, especially for an infant, balancing terms that are flexible and relevant for up to 18 years.

The mother’s disadvantage is that she cannot make the father assist financially without a court proceeding or filing an application through the child support agency. From the mother’s perspective, she may only care about the financial part. Sometimes, it is important to the mother to establish clear parenting rules, rights, and responsibilities with the father through a binding agreement to reduce conflicts and misunderstandings.