Serving Clients In Butler County
For More than 20 Years


Who I Am


Since 1994, Moser Law LLC has been providing family law services and legal representation to clients in Butler County. I am Donald K. Moser, owner and sole attorney for the firm. I have lived in Butler County for nearly my entire life, and I am proud to serve my community as a dedicated and compassionate family law attorney. I also offer services related to estate planning after divorce.

If you’d like to learn more about my education, credentials and legal experience, please follow the link below this paragraph. Keep reading to learn more about me and what you can expect as a client.

A Note About My Family

I would not be the person I am today without the love, support and inspiration of my incredible family.

I have been married happily to Susan for over 25 years. She is the owner/artistic director of Tänze Performing Arts Studio, an adjunct professor at University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, and the amazing mother of our two sons, Max and Sam.

My father, Judge John Moser (retired), Butler County Common Pleas Court, is my mentor and role model. My mother, Shirley Moser, has long been a civic leader and community philanthropist. She leads by example and has raised me well.

My Policy About New Clients

With very few exceptions, my practice is focused on family law in Butler County. By limiting my focus, I am able to offer high-quality service and representation to all clients. I am very well-versed in Ohio family law, and I am connected to the community I serve.

Unfortunately, I am not able to represent all clients who come to me. I sometimes decline to represent potential clients in order to ensure that the clients I do have receive the attention and dedication they deserve and expect. If I am unable to represent a given client, I will gladly provide referrals to other good attorneys.

What You Can Expect As A Client

When you hire me as your attorney, you can expect:

Attention and care: Family law matters almost always have a difficult emotional component to them. I am very sensitive to the difficulties you are facing at this time, and I will do my best to be a source of comfort and support as well as a source of legal help.

Highly experienced representation: I have been practicing for more than two decades and have served more than 3,200 clients. I know my craft, and I have been recognized by legal colleagues for my professionalism. I am as comfortable in the courtroom as I am sitting at the negotiating table.

Organization and clear communication: I am detail-oriented, organized and forward thinking. When addressing your legal issues, I anticipate problems that could arise in the future and work to prevent them. Throughout the process, I will be in regular communication with you.

Affordable fees: Commensurate with similarly experienced attorneys in the area.

A different kind of lawyer: It starts with knowing the law. It continues with knowing my clients well and understanding your concerns. We have a close working relationship that truly makes a lawyer a counselor. We are not friends but we share elements of friendship: trust, confidence, comfort.


I really want to help people through difficult and confusing legal matters, especially those most personal to all of us: our relationship with our spouse and our children. I give my best efforts and attention to every client. If you are ever dissatisfied with or have questions about my fees or my work, we can meet to discuss those concerns at any time at no cost to you. That is not just an advertised guarantee; it is actually written into the fee contract.

Call Me To Discuss Your Legal Needs Today

With an office in Fairfield, Moser Law LLC serves clients throughout Butler County. To discuss your legal needs with me, call 513-844-1960.