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Why Family Law

Years ago, I hesitated in social settings—a bit embarrassed—when a person learned I am a lawyer and asked the natural question, “So what type of law do you practice?”  Typically, when I responded, “Family Law” I would get the reaction, “You mean like divorce and custody?”  As if to say, why would I want to do that type of work.

I never started out after law school planning on Family Law.  I worked for a law firm starting out.  At some point, the attorneys I worked for told me to handle divorce and custody overflow work.  In my stacks of work I was assigned, there was a young mother who was served divorce papers while in the hospital for mental health reasons.  She was later diagnosed with a bipolar disorder.  After counseling and treatment, she was stabilized and able safely to care for her son.  Her husband was unforgiving.  We had a two-day trial that included expert testimony from her psychologist.  This work was all new to me.  I was in my early 30’s.

The court awarded her custody.  She sent me cards for years, with pictures of her son and updates.  Fast forward, we ran into each other and she introduced me to her son who was now in his 20’s, married, and expecting his first child.  She thanked me again for changing her life.  What touched me even more is her son also thanked me for changing his life.

Helping my clients through what for some is a difficult and stressful time of their lives is satisfying work as a lawyer.  I am proud of the work I do.

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A grateful client’s surprise, promoting me on his race car. Unfortunately, he crashed the car just days later.

Only Family Law

I opened my law office practice in Butler County in 1994 after working for a Butler County law firm for six years. I dedicate my law practice to family and marital law, representing clients for matters related to marriage, family, and children. I am fully trained and qualified as a collaborative law lawyer, helping my clients with negotiations and settlement whenever possible.

I am comfortable in a courtroom when litigation is necessary. My courtroom experience includes past Supreme Court certified co-counsel for three capital murder cases, civil and criminal jury trials. I no longer handle criminal defense cases but learned courtroom skills sometimes useful in contested divorces and custody proceedings. My other experience includes thousands of civil and other court hearings, numerous consultations and representation of clients with varied legal matters and concerns.

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A Note About My Family

I am fortunate personally not to have experienced divorce. My wife Susan of 32 years is the owner/artistic director of Tänze Performing Arts Studio, an adjunct professor at University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, and the amazing mother of our two young adult sons, Max and Sam. My father, Judge John Moser (retired), Butler County Common Pleas Court, is my mentor and role model.  My mother, Shirley Moser, has long been a civic leader and community philanthropist. She leads by example and has raised me well.

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Reading to my two sons for what seems like a blink of time ago. My older son is a recent college graduate and my other son is in college. I remind parents at times. Remember courts and lawyers end their involvement when your child turns 18, but the relationship you establish continues well beyond age 18.

Call When you are Ready

My office in Fairfield is minutes away from most anyone living in Butler County. 513-844-1960