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Divorced Estate Planning

After ending a marriage or a relationship, you may want to put in place some death planning and life planning, generally referred to as estate planning. A good attorney will discuss keeping the planning as simple and straightforward as possible.

You may need a Will as part of your planning. You may find you can designate beneficiaries on various assets and accounts to avoid probate. You may only need a very simple and inexpensive trust for minor children. You may find a simple Will with no trust is sufficient if you have adult children or no children.

The other part of estate planning is life planning. You may want to designate an agent as a power of attorney to act on your behalf related to your personal affairs and financial matters. A POA is important to have for various future “what if’” emergencies or medical conditions, as well as on occasion just for convenience sake. You may want a health care power of attorney to designate someone to make healthcare decisions for you if you cannot speak for yourself, whether for routine decisions or more life threatening decisions.

I usually spend about one hour with you reviewing various estate planning options. I then prepare drafts that I mail to you. I arrange a second appointment to sign the final versions of your documents.