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When will the Ohio courts grant a custody modification?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2021 | Custody |

Setting terms for custody in your divorce can be one of the hardest steps. Both you and your ex probably want to see as much of your children as possible, so it can sometimes take quite a bit of time and even professional help for parents to reach a custody arrangement. 

No matter how carefully you plan, there’s a good chance that your custody arrangements will eventually no longer meet your family’s needs. You typically have to return to court and file a modification request when change is warranted in your custody case. You may wonder when Ohio family courts are most likely to grant you a custody modification.

Modifications are possible after substantial changes 

Typically, to convince the court that a modification is necessary, you must first demonstrate that there’s been a substantial change in your circumstances

One parent remarrying, the children transferring to a new school or an instance in which a mom or dad starts a new job could justify modification requests. Abuse allegations, a parent’s arrest or the onset of illness that affects parenting may also warrant you file a modification request. Any factors that have the potential of impacting your kids’ schedules, needs or safety could also be a valid reason you might need to return to court for modification of your custody arrangement. 

You may be able to file an uncontested modification if you and your ex agree on the proposed changes in custody. This option is often a cheaper and faster one to pursue than litigation. You and your ex may have to litigate the matter if you can’t reach an agreement. The judge will ultimately determine what would be in the children’s best interest given these changes to your circumstances.  

Understanding what potentially leads to a custody modification can make it easier for you to seek one when you need to change how you spend time with your children.