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What helps you build a case for an Ohio custody modification?

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When the Ohio family courts approve a custody order, they expect the parents to abide by that order. Usually, the custody order will serve its purpose well, at least initially. However, as family circumstances change, you may need to adjust your parenting plan as well.

Just agreeing with your ex to make changes will leave you vulnerable if they change their mind. The only way to change your custody order in the eyes of the courts is to request a modification hearing and then provide evidence to a judge to convince them to change the custody order.

What kind of documentation will you need to secure a modification?

The kind of change determines the kind of evidence you need

Ohio custody laws are quite clear that parents can only request custody modifications after a proveable change in circumstances for you, your child or your ex. What may justify a modification request will vary depending on your reason for requesting the change.

Paperwork from your employer or your children’s school could show how scheduling conflicts have reduced your parenting time. Medical records or police reports could help you convince a judge that changes are necessary for the safety of your children if your ex has mistreated them. Your own medical records or statements from mental health professionals could help you obtain more parenting time if concerns about your personal stability or health initially limited what the courts would order.

When you have the right documentation, securing a custody modification can be a much easier process. Taking the necessary steps to formally change custody can help protect your relationship with your children.