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Remember these points when parenting styles clash

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2022 | Custody |

Clashing parenting styles can range from having differences in minor issues to being unable to agree on even the biggest parenting matters. It’s hard to deal with this when both parents live together, but it’s much more difficult when they’re split up. 

Finding ways to take the stress out of these clashes is important because stress can affect children. Being able to put your differences aside and focus on the kids can help the situation exponentially. 

Take a step back and breathe

When you and your ex don’t agree on things, it’s probably best for you to take a step back to calm down. Contentious matters can be hard to overcome, but going into a tirade because you’re upset isn’t going to solve anything. 

Focus only on the children

The differences in parenting styles may make it hard for you and your ex to get along. Even if you don’t like the things your ex is doing, you have to keep your focus on the children. Unless the kids are in danger, it’s usually best to let your ex-parent their way and you parent your way. Kids are pretty flexible and will likely adjust to both sets of rules. Just be there to help them with the transitions if they begin to struggle.

Getting the parenting plan together as quickly after the split as possible can help you and your ex to know who’s responsible for what and how things will work. Depending on the differences in your parenting styles, you and your ex might have to consider some creative custody solutions. Working with someone who’s familiar with these situations might help you to come up with the parenting plan terms that work for your children.