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Why social media and divorce don’t mix

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2022 | Divorce |

If you are going through a divorce, there’s no question that the proceedings will impact many different parts of your life. In fact, you may have to change many things about how you live until the divorce is finalized.

One habit that you should break during divorce proceedings is posting on social media. Unfortunately, even an innocent post can be used against you during a divorce and impact your ability to achieve a fair outcome for your situation.

Divorce and social media

The statements you post on social media will wind up public and discoverable. If you happen to make a statement on Instagram or Facebook that contradicts the testimony you have provided during legal proceedings, you may wind up in trouble.

Also, your behavior on social media may help your spouse counter the claims you have made. For example, if you claim financial hardship to negotiate lower child support and alimony amounts but then show expensive purchases and vacations you are taking on social media, this could be bad news for your case.

While your behavior on social media may not be dishonest, it can show your bad judgment. If you are angry or frustrated with the situation or your spouse, you may also make comments about them, which can cause additional resentment and anger. All this will impact your divorce negotiations.

Avoid social media during your divorce

The best option is to avoid posting on social media until your divorce is finalized. Even if you use your social media for professional purposes or just to keep up with family and friends, it’s best to reduce or eliminate your posts during this legal proceeding. This is going to help you protect yourself and minimize potential issues that posts may cause.