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The gray divorce revolution

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2022 | Divorce |

Twenty-five years ago, you said I do. You and your partner spent the years raising a beautiful family and celebrating many happy occasions together. When your partner asked you for a divorce out of the blue, you were shocked!

These days, divorce rates among couples who are in their 50s are soaring. In fact, more marriages end in divorce among the 50+ crowd than any other age group. Researchers at Bowling Green State University in Ohio have dubbed this a “gray divorce revolution.”

Why is gray divorce so popular?

Some couples who have been going through the motions are realizing that they do not have to live any longer with the unhappiness that they feel. Then, there are those who stayed together for the children’s sake. Now that those children have grown up and left to pursue their own dreams, there’s nothing left to keep the couple together.

Some of the reasons behind the growing number of gray divorces include:

  • You’re both unhappy after spending 20-30 years together.
  • One spouse finally tires of the verbal, mental, or physical abuse inflicted by the other spouse.
  • Infidelity has damaged a previously strong marriage.
  • Drug or alcohol addiction has destroyed the marriage.
  • Financial disagreements between the two of you have been happening for years. As you approach retirement age, you may decide that you cannot deal with this situation any longer.

Deciding to get divorced in your 50s can lead to some unexpected changes. You may experience a wide range of emotions ranging from relief to frustration. Keep in mind that you could end up losing relationships that you once enjoyed with your ex-spouse’s family and friends as they choose sides. However, it doesn’t make sense to stay in an unhappy marriage, regardless of how long you have been together.

If you are considering divorce after many years of marriage, seek assistance to help you with the process.