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Common causes of gray divorce  

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2022 | Divorce |

Gray divorce is a term that’s used to describe married couples that are separating age 50 and above. On the whole, studies indicate that this is the only category of divorce that is on the rise.

As with other areas of divorce the reasons behind them can be multifaceted. Nonetheless, there are some similar patterns. Outlined below are some of the more common causes of gray divorce: 

Extended periods spent together 

Not every gray divorce results from a first marriage, but a significant number do. Life expectancy has risen over the years, which means couples are spending a long time together. Some couples grow stronger and overcome their issues together. Other couples begin to drift apart and the relationship comes to an end. 

Financial disputes 

As people approach retirement age, it becomes more important to think about savings and retirement funds. Differences may come up in the marriage that were not there previously.

For instance, one partner may want to spend their savings on traveling the world before they become much older. The other partner may have no interest in traveling, and would rather put away some money to make sure the grandkids can go to college. While such disagreements can be resolved through effective communication, couples often struggle to find a middle ground. 

Realizing that your marriage is coming to an end can be difficult, but it may also be the best thing for you. Just make sure you have protections in place by seeking legal guidance as soon as possible.