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Factors to consider when making a parenting agreement

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | Custody |

A divorce that involves children can be challenging. Trying to understand your emotions and simultaneously protecting your kids may be complex. Thus, you need to obtain adequate information to be prepared.

In addition to being informed, you and the other parent should develop a plan that is in the best interest of the kids. Here are three factors to consider when making a parenting agreement.


You need to put the current age of your kids in mind when making a plan. This is because strategies that will work for preschoolers may fail with teens. Thus, you need to have an age-supportive plan.

For instance, if your kids are in preschool or even younger, they can live primarily with one parent, and the other can visit frequently. But if you have teens, they may move between the two homes on an agreed schedule.


Even though the current age matters, your kids will grow. Therefore, your parenting plan should reflect this. You and the other parent should include what will happen when your children grow. For example, how to attend school events or what will happen when a teen takes on a summer job. When your parenting agreement is flexible, you won’t need to go to court to make changes.

Other family members

Your children have relationships with other family members. To protect their view on family, it will be best if they can spend time with their loved ones. Your parenting agreement should allow your children to have such connections. For example, they may visit their grandparents on the weekend if they live nearby or during summer break.

A practical and flexible parenting plan can help you raise your kids successfully after divorce. You should seek experienced legal guidance to protect your rights as a parent.