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Why are young couples less likely to get divorced?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2024 | Divorce |

An interesting phenomenon has happened with divorce rates recently. For older couples, the rates have been skyrocketing. For instance, if you look back at the divorce rate for Americans who were over 55 in 1990, it was half what the rate for that same age group is today. Meanwhile, if you look at the divorce rate for couples who are over 65 today, their own divorce rate has tripled since 1990.

While the divorce rate has been climbing for older couples, it has been falling for younger couples. What are some of the reasons why this is happening? Is it really just that younger couples are happier in their marriages? 

Views on marriage are changing

What is really happening is just that people are looking at marriage differently. This is also the reason why the gray divorce rate has been going up. In some cases, couples may have felt that it was socially unacceptable to get divorced when they were younger, but the stigma around divorce has changed and now they feel like they can.

But many young couples are just putting off marriage entirely. For example, in one study, 50% of people responded affirmatively when asked if they had ever been married. Meanwhile, 59% of people responded positively when asked if they had ever cohabitated. Cohabitation appears more common than marriage – but it doesn’t require a divorce to end the relationship.

These trends can create a lot of complicated family law situations, especially when children or significant assets are involved. Couples must be sure that they know about their legal options at any age.