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Parenting Rights And Responsibilities

Although divorce affects all members of the family, it tends to have an especially big impact on children. If you’re like most parents, you naturally want to shield your kids from these consequences.

Thankfully, if divorce and child custody matters are approached with sensitivity and with the help of an experienced attorney, the difficulties your children face will be minimal. When you hire Moser Law LLC, I will work to resolve all child custody issues as efficiently and peacefully as possible. I have helped thousands of families throughout my career, and I can help yours as well.

Child Custody And Parental Rights In Ohio

Courts are required to make custody decisions in the best interests of the children. This often means keeping both parents actively involved in their children’s lives whenever possible. Although sole custody is sometimes awarded, there is an increasing trend toward shared parenting (Ohio’s term for joint custody).

If you and your co-parent can reach a workable parenting plan through negotiation, the court will likely approve it (as long as it is fair and in the children’s best interests). This approach is typically faster and cheaper than contested custody, and it gives you the greatest control over the outcome.

Negotiation is not always successful or even possible. In such cases, I will help you draft and submit a parenting plan for court consideration. These documents can and should be highly detailed, including information such as the proposed custody and visitation schedule (known as parenting time in Ohio).

Child Support And Parenting Responsibilities

Depending on the custody arrangement and overall financial circumstances, one or both parents may be asked to pay child support. Courts use a formula to determine child support amounts based on factors such as each parent’s gross income (or their earning capacity if they are unemployed/underemployed) and the needs of the child or children.

Once this calculation is made, courts will assume it to be an appropriate amount of child support to be paid unless there is convincing evidence to the contrary. As your attorney, I can help ensure that the calculated child support award accurately reflects your financial situation and the needs of your children. If it doesn’t, we can petition the court to have the award amount modified.

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