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Is it worth divorcing at 60?

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2023 | Divorce |

The landscape of life changes significantly as you enter your 60s. Empty nests and retirement usually characterize this stage. It is also a period where you often reflect on your accomplishments and aspirations.

With newfound freedom and rediscovering yourself, you may think that a harmonious divorce might provide the space to pursue your delayed dreams. But then, there is also that fear of what awaits.

Here are some things that can help assess whether splitting up at this age could lead to a more fulfilling chapter in your life:

Facing financial realities

After decades of shared finances, untangling assets and debts requires a comprehensive approach. Consider your retirement funds, social security benefits and property division.

Health care is another critical facet. If one partner depends on the other’s insurance, you must weigh this factor against the benefits of divorce. Be aware of its potential disruptions to your well-being.

With a shorter time horizon to rebuild finances, you must make prudent financial choices. Think about your long-term goals. Also, be prepared to adjust your retirement expectations based on your new financial reality.

Prioritizing self-care

While divorce can bring liberation, it also introduces emotional challenges. At 60, many factors, such as children leaving the nest, impending retirement and personal aspirations, can influence this choice.

Divorce can also reshape your social circles, especially if they intertwine with your spouse’s connections. Friendships and social groups may change, and you might need to forge new relationships.

Loneliness, feelings of loss and adjusting to this new routine may feel too much if you are not ready. If you are, you may still need to build a support network of friends, family and professionals. Therapy or counseling can help process emotions and ease a smoother transition.

Moving on

While freedom from financial entanglements might seem appealing, ensure a thorough understanding of the implications. Take a clear-eyed examination of your financial outlook and emotional being before jumping into a divorce. Consider consulting an attorney to help smoothly address legal matters like alimony, property division and healthcare.

Remember, divorce is a deeply personal decision. As the sun sets on one chapter, a new one awaits – be sure it is one that brings you contentment and peace.