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Should you create a trust for your children after your divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2024 | Estate Planning |

Every parent prioritizes ensuring a secure financial future for their children. As a couple, you and your spouse likely created a joint estate plan that named each other as beneficiaries on your life insurance policies, with the intent that the monies would be used to replace the income that was lost.

However, a divorce requires individuals to reassess their financial planning.

Safeguarding your children’s interests

A trust allows you to protect assets intended for your children from potential creditors or legal claims. By placing assets in a trust, you can ensure that the funds are used for your children’s benefit and designate specific distribution conditions.

For example, you can create a trust dedicated to covering educational expenses. This way, you can provide your children with access to a quality education, college tuition support and professional opportunities without financial burdens.

Creating a trust for your children is not just about financial security. It’s an opportunity for you to pass on your values, beliefs and intentions regarding their inheritance, including family heirlooms. It also allows you to establish a structured framework for managing and preserving assets over time. By appointing a trustee to oversee the trust and adhere to your instructions, you can ensure that your children receive ongoing financial support and protection, even after your passing.

There are several ways to fund a trust. One way to ensure your children’s financial needs are met is by designating that your life insurance policy proceeds go directly into a trust. 

If you are considering establishing a trust for your children, it’s crucial that you discuss your intent with someone who can assist you. They will guide you in structuring a legally sound trust that aligns with your goals for providing for your children’s financial well-being.