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Parenting time with two or more children in different age brackets

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2023 | Custody |

While having only one kid does not necessarily mean it is easier, creating a parenting time arrangement when two or more children are involved can be challenging for divorced parents. Moreover, the children being in different age brackets also add to the stress.

This situation is especially taxing for the nonresidential parents who have to adjust to ensure they get adequate parenting time with each of their children. Nevertheless, there are always solutions to keep each parent-child relationship alive and thriving.

Working around the numbers through available circumstances

Sometimes, the best parenting time solution for having multiple children is for parents to use the available circumstances to continue connecting with them. Correspondingly, parents do not necessarily have to visit all their children at the same time.

For instance, nonresidential parents can use their children’s respective extracurricular activities to establish their presence in their children’s lives. This could be through attending their eight-year-old son’s soccer games or their 12-year-old daughter’s monthly ballet recitals.

Accordingly, if the children are old enough, parents can consider their preferences regarding visitation and parenting time.

Using the difference in age bracket as a technique

A difference in children’s age brackets can actually work as an advantage for parents. It may be easier to create a parenting time plan while considering each child’s current needs based on their age and developmental stage.

Case in point, visits to infants and toddlers may be shorter, more frequent and done during the daytime. On the other hand, teenage children may have more flexibility, allowing for overnights or quick weekend getaways.

Not as bad as it seems

Thinking about creating a parenting time arrangement with multiple and differently-aged children can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, knowing available options will slowly ease those worries.

Fortunately, parents can control the parenting time schedule on their own as long as they both agree to the terms, subject to the court’s review and approval. While not required, having their respective legal representative assist them during the custody and visitation settlement can result in a more effective and fair resolution.