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For traveling parents, virtual visitation may help

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2024 | Custody |

It is sometimes easy for parents to split up physical custody or parenting time with their children if they live near each other. If the houses are only a few miles apart, for example, they may just trade the children back and forth every week.

But not everyone’s schedule is so simple. Some parents travel extensively. Maybe someone is an international business professional who spends their days traveling the globe and making business deals. Or perhaps they’re in the army, and they could get deployed for months to an entirely different country. In situations like this, virtual visitation may be beneficial.

What is virtual visitation?

There are many different types of virtual visitation, but it is essentially just a reference to using technology to keep in touch with children.

For example, a parent who is waiting for their flight in an airport may use FaceTime to check in with the child and talk for a half an hour before the plane leaves. A parent who is deployed may write letters or emails, or they may just send text messages and pictures when they have cellphone service. A parent who is constantly on the road may use Skype to call the child in the evenings, after they have settled into a hotel.

No matter what it looks like specifically, as every situation is unique, virtual visitation just allows a parent to be involved with the child from a distance. This can be addressed during the divorce, when the parenting arrangement is created, so parents need to be sure they understand all of the legal options at their disposal.